Isabella Auer (AT)

Isabella Auer (* 1992) is a media artist from Linz. She discovered her love for flashy animated GIFs and pixel explosions during her time with the Spanish artist collective “Hungry Castle”. Her works range from videos and animations to interactive installations, often with a focus on pop cultural themes. In addition, Auer always tries to program crazy things and blow up homemade inflatables.

Selected exhibitions:

  • kunst[raum] graz, Austria (2018);
  • Leichte Widrigkeiten, Kulturtankstelle, Linz, Austria (2017);
  • Party Particles, Memphis, Linz, Austria (2017);
  • Matchbox Gallery, Houston, USA (2016);
  • Rundgang, University of Arts Linz, Austria (2016);
  • Laser Cat Gif-Show, El Paso, Lausanne and Washington DC, USA/Switzerland (2015).

Selected prizes, scholarships and residencies:

  • ACRA – Annual Cocktail Robot Award, Category „Barfood“ (2014);
  • Young Designer‘s MG Projekt Expo 2015, 2nd place, with STUDIO MINZ (2014).