Karl Philips (BE)


Karl Philips (* 1984) is a Belgian artist for whom a gentle kind of activism is inextricably linked to his work. Within his performative art, he explores the differences between public and non-public, collective and alternative, “us” and “them”. To capture and represent his actions, Philips uses various methods, often summarized in unconventional monumental installations in which he flirts with the limits of what is possible or legal.

Selected exhibitions:

  • Dauwens & Beernaert, Brussels, Belgium (2018);
  • BIG (Biennial of Independent Art Spaces), Plaine de Plainpalais, Geneva, Switzerland (2017);
  • Mu.ZEE, Ostend, Belgium (2016);
  • Galerie Braennen, Berlin, Germany (2015);
  • Songwon Art Center, Seoul, South Korea (2014).

Selected prizes, scholarships and residencies:

  • Parkstad Limburg Award, SCHUNCK*, Heerlen, Netherlands (2016);
  • Artist in Residence, AIR Antwerp, Belgium (2016);
  • Artist in Residence „projektraum basis“, Frankfurt, Germany (2015);
  • Young Art Price’ NAK, Aachen, Germany (2015);
  • Artist in Residence „Uferstudios“, Berlin, Germany (2013).