LINZ FMR 19 also brought an evening of electronic music to the city. Suitable for the first edition of the biennial format, a fine line-up was offered with artists, whose sounds and visuals are located within art in digital contexts.

Friday, March 29, 2019, 9 p.m.
Stadtwerkstatt Linz, Kirchengasse 4, Linz

With Elvin Brandhi (WAL), Fauna (AUT), Vienna Diesel (AUT), Shinsekai (VIE/AUT)

Elvin Brandhi (WAL)

Disturbing, chopped, polyhedral. Elvin Brandhi’s inconsolable laptop black metal combines screamo-autotune narratives drowned in a battlefield of glitch-screech electronics, with visual collages.

The first EP “Shelf Life” is out now on C.A.N.V.A.S.

Fauna (AUT)

Rana Farahani aka Fauna has been making the clubs in this country unsafe for years with experimental electronic music, at the beginning as a DJ, for some time now also with self-produced tracks. Her live sets meander between melancholic sequences, hammering subbasses and pitchy overdoses.

Fauna is lonely at the top: “I am a Supergirl, standing on top of the world, and all the do is buggin’ me, but I don’t give a fuck.”

Wien Diesel (AUT)

Wien Diesel is the joint project of Bechamel3000 aka MC Rhine, founded in 2017 (known among other things from her collaboration with King Leopold, as seen at LINZFEST 2015) and Marie Vermont aka DNYE. Finely granulated drone meets bouncing, rotating and hissing samples, interrupted again and again by slightly crazy rap snippets. Tribal, Wien, Gas station, Car, metallized, Tattoosock, V-neck, Thunder, Gatorade, KP3, Mini & Maxi, Bald head, Military Baby, Diesel Jean, Acid washed, Moon washed, Fancy denim, Attack, Howling, Hi, Smile, Brigittenau, but we still need love ’cause we’re just a man.

Shinsekai (VIE/AUT)

Shinsekai (新世界, “New World”) is a transhuman music project that investigates radical possibilities in music.

By playing and mixing contrasting rave genres and anime samples, they break the constraints of genre, taste and social difference.

Alien timbres, distorted vocals and broken club oriented rhythms create sci-fi like soundscapes and define an kaleidoscopic glimpse of a musical future. 10110010101010!

Wien Diesel, Photo: Patricia Cadavid 525
Wien Diesel, Photo: Patricia Cadavid
Fauna, Photo: Patricia Cadavid
Fauna, Photo: Patricia Cadavid
Elvin Brandhi, Photo: Patricia Cadavid
Elvin Brandhi, Photo: Patricia Cadavid
Shinsekai, Photo: Patricia Cadavid
Shinsekai, Photo: Patricia Cadavid